Soccer Tours for Boys/Girls & Men’s/Women’s Teams, all age groups and ability levels.


A tailored Soccer Tour to suit your budget and meet all your needs.


Arrange games against English & European Football Academy teams or teams of a similar ability level.


Tickets to watch Premier/Champions/Europa League Games.


Coaching sessions with Elite UEFA Licenced Academy Coaches.


Written Player Assessment Reports completed by English Academy Staff.


Visit and stay in some of the most vibrant and iconic cities in England & Europe.



Have you ever dreamed of playing soccer in the country where the great game was founded and watching English Premier League games at some of the most famous stadiums in the world?

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Have you ever dreamed of playing soccer in some of the most iconic countries in Central Europe and enjoying a cultural experience in historical cities such as Budapest, Bratislava and Prague?

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Our Tours provide an unforgettable soccer tour experience for boys & girls teams and mens & womens teams of all ages and abilities. We cater for club teams, college/university teams, private academies, special selection squads and many more. Our primary aim is to provide a sporting, cultural and educational experience that will support a boys / girls development in soccer, education and life experience.

Our Tours employee structure includes a Commercial Soccer Tour Management team and Soccer Tour Representatives. Our Soccer Tour Management team have vast experience in creating, planning and organising soccer tours in the United Kingdom and Central Europe. Our Pro Soccer Global Tour Representatives have extensive knowledge of the city/region you are visiting and are familiar with its history and cultural/social diversity. 

Our Tours management team work with its customers to identify and arrange an individually tailored tour to meet your teams‘ needs. This includes travel to and from your home city to your tour destination, accommodation, meals, transportation throughout the tour and soccer matches/training to suit your teams‘ ability level. Our Pro Soccer Global Tours management team will arrange a tailored package of social, cultural and educational activities. This includes attending Premier/Champion/Europa League games, Premier League soccer club stadium tours and visits to famous/historical landmarks that provide a cultural & educational experience of the city/region you are visiting.

Our Tours also offer a full range of videography services which include video tape of your teams‘ games, training and other tour activities. We are also able to provide individual written player ‚Scout Assessments‘ compiled by English Premier League Football Scouts.


Our Tours will arrange flights from your local airport to the city of your destination. We’ll work with our partners within the airline industry to schedule the most appropriate flights taking into account departure time and cost.

On arrival at the airport of your destination you will be met by a Pro Soccer Global Tour Representative. Your representative will meet & greet the tour party, ensure luggage is collected and immigration requirements are met. We will also arrange for each member of the tour party to contact parents/guardians to let them know they’ve arrived safely. Your tour rep will then arrange for the tour party to be transported to the accommodation. During the journey to the accommodation our Pro Soccer Global Tour rep will speak to all members of the tour party and action any specific requests.

The selected accommodation for each soccer tour will be based on the requirements of the tour party. We have a variety of partners within the accommodation sector and can arrange accommodation in 5* Hotels, Universities, Apartments and 3* Hostels. You can choose self-catering, bed and breakfast, half board or full board accommodation. On arrival at your accommodation your Pro Soccer Global Tour rep will be on hand to complete all reservation administration. The Pro Soccer Global Tour rep will also confirm any dietary, accommodation and/or special requirements made by the tour party. Our tour rep will be with you throughout the duration of your tour, from the second you touch down to when you board your flight home. Our tour rep will stay in the same accommodation, travel with you throughout your stay and will be on hand 24/7 to ensure the tour meets all your expectations.


On the first day of your Tour our representative will deliver a tour presentation to your tour party detailing the itinerary and schedule for your tour. They will also provide information on the city, accommodation, surrounding area and other useful hints & tips to help you acclimatize. Each member of the touring party will receive a detailed schedule of all planned activities including games, training, social, cultural and educational activities.

Each tour will have a tailored package of activities to suit your teams needs. This may include training sessions with elite English Premier League and European League Academy Coaches, matches against English Premier League and European League Academy teams, internationally renowned Aqua fitness training, tickets to watch top EPL games, Champions League, Europa League and Elite European League games.

Our Tours can also arrange for English Premier League Scouts to attend matches to watch your team’s players and your tour rep can also arrange for a written assessment to be completed by one of the EPL scouts. Players identified as ‚exceptionally talented‘ may be offered the opportunity of a trial with one of the many professional Premier/Championship League Academies we work with – any player selected to attend a trial will require authorisation from his/her soccer club prior to attending the trial.

Throughout the tour we can arrange for a videographer to record training and games, which will be made available via social media.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Soccer Tours, we’d love to hear from you. 

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